Through Chimamanda Adichie I saw a side of the rising sun

I shivered, cried, stared into blank space, laughed out loud, closed my eyes in embarrassment, thought hard about life, wrote interesting pieces just because of Chimamanda Adichie’s Half Of A Yellow Sun. I had read another book by her, The Thing Around Your Neck which my lovely sister, Kemi reviewed here but I did not expect what … More Through Chimamanda Adichie I saw a side of the rising sun


Hello faithful followers! I have been on WordPress for three years! Whoop! Whoop!  If you are still here, let me just say that I appreciate your commitment to this blog. I have not done a lot of  book reviews this year but I try to augment with my poems. I hope you enjoy this one: … More I KNOW WHAT IT IS


Sweet satisfaction in knowing That the one you gave your heart to Gave his right back Sweet contentment in the conviction That your love though from human Hearts aspire for perfection Sweet desire Roused by thoughts of a lover’s unselfish loving Sweet dreams of wondrous things Yet to come Sweetheart You know how deeply you … More SWEET MEMORIES


You saw it You saw it first You would have been unhappy She didn’t know But you saw it First And left You would have been unhappy You knew it But From what moment? That altercation? The one that altered your position As head And later On the bed? What moment? The moment you withdrew … More YOU SAW IT FIRST


Memories rise to the surface Like dead fish in stagnant water Floating belly up Staring with vacuous eyes into grey skies: 1 Àdùké Omo Daddy If daddy could see you now Tears would adorn his eyes His hands would crave to heal you 2 Àdùké Omo Daddy Those words would rent the air To quell … More 12-Twelve