Through Chimamanda Adichie I saw a side of the rising sun

I shivered, cried, stared into blank space, laughed out loud, closed my eyes in embarrassment, thought hard about life, wrote interesting pieces just because of Chimamanda Adichie’s Half Of A Yellow Sun. I had read another book by her, The Thing Around Your Neck which my lovely sister, Kemi reviewed here but I did not expect what … More Through Chimamanda Adichie I saw a side of the rising sun


This is me Wanting you Wanting to jump into your arms Like a cat I want to move in delightful circles Until I find a comfortable spot Where I’ll stay in peaceful contentment This is me Wishing for you to be old Wishing that I was younger so it would make sense This is me … More JUMP


In the beginning Then When love meant you could lay down your life for your other We were the dream Your dream of the ideal and good Then Life was early morning walks to the stream For a refreshing bath in unpolluted waters Life was standing back with sweat dripping down your back As you … More MYTH


In this realm Of mental slavery Here Where minds are still held captive by The chains of patriarchy Freedom will stretch its hands In piety But no man will take it Because it serves them well To be considered gods When justice requests for equality It is not a demand for sameness But a cry … More THE PATRIARCHAL