Through Chimamanda Adichie I saw a side of the rising sun

I shivered, cried, stared into blank space, laughed out loud, closed my eyes in embarrassment, thought hard about life, wrote interesting pieces just because of Chimamanda Adichie’s Half Of A Yellow Sun. I had read another book by her, The Thing Around Your Neck which my lovely sister, Kemi reviewed here but I did not expect what … More Through Chimamanda Adichie I saw a side of the rising sun


Memories rise to the surface Like dead fish in stagnant water Floating belly up Staring with vacuous eyes into grey skies: 1 Àdùké Omo Daddy If daddy could see you now Tears would adorn his eyes His hands would crave to heal you 2 Àdùké Omo Daddy Those words would rent the air To quell … More 12-Twelve

How are you?

How are you? I mean, how are you really? What goes on in that mind of yours? How do you feel when you wake up in the mornings? Do you lie in bed a while and ponder on life’s mysteries? Or do you jump out of bed with aplomb and carpe diem? Are you a … More How are you?


Everyone has secrets right? So what is the big deal about Baba Segi’s wives and their secrets? You have to believe that for a book to come up with such a fascinating title then the secret must be a big deal. I cannot say if it was the title of the book that caught my … More BOOK REVIEW – THE SECRET LIVES OF BABA SEGI’S WIVES BY LOLA SHONEYIN


I am an outsider I am living outside of self I am standing on the sidelines Casting furtive looks around Observing I am an observer I am watching you I am walking beside you Uncertain Wondering Thinking that you now walk without a spring in your step I can see the look in your eyes … More I AM AN OUTSIDER

No Arguments

I’ll build you a temple Where you can worship your dreams You’ll bow before the god of success And beseech her for fame and glory When she asks for your heart I know you’ll put it on a gold platter And present it without care You’ll sell your soul for this cause That’s who you … More No Arguments


Sail away away from the troubles of this world sail away away from the spaces between cold sheets Sail away away from the allure of old embraces sail far far away and berth at the edge of reason throw down the anchor and find peace in knowing that happiness is locked away only ’cause you … More SAIL AWAY


  The first time he called my name I paused and thought about white chocolate not dark white pure pleasure the way it dissolves in the mouth and releases  exquisite sweetness He called my name and it was suffused with warmth his voice,  like silk smooth serenade   See he called my name And wrapped … More HE CALLED MY NAME

Borrowed Memories

There are sweet memories Borrowed ones too This one is borrowed From the roadside chat by the fireside Of a grandmother Whose hands have perfected The art of moinmoin* Carefully Artistically Arranged in rows of Green Her memories are fresh But hardly sweet As she told of a Daughter Not hers Who had convenient Need … More Borrowed Memories