Hello Readers!

I thought it would be nice to review a romance novel for a change. You know, something sweet and soft. I just finished reading “Harbor Lights” by Sherryl Woods and I learned a thing or two about relationships.

The story is a simple one actually. It spins around the story of a former army medic Kevin O’Brien whose wife Georgia, a medic in the army as well died before their Son, Davy turned one. Struggling to handle the grief of the loss and taking care of Davy, Kevin moved back home to Chesapeake Shores to lean on his support system-his three sisters, Abby, Bree and Jess, his brother Connor, his father Mick and his Grandma.

Kevin holed up in his room for most part of each day trying to deal with the grief. His family tried to encourage him to get a job (he left his job as a paramedic) to get  him out of the house. When Kevin finally took the advice, he ran into a new lady in town Shanna who had just left a bad marriage. Shanna has moved to town with a new business idea- a coffee and book store in Chesapeake. Kevin happens to walk by the very day she moves in and there the romance sparks.

Both with enough baggage to poo poo the idea of a relationship, the attraction they have for each other is unmistakable. Davy, Kevin’s son is quick to warm up to Shanna who finds herself creating space in her heart for the father of the darling boy. While trying to balance her past fears of falling for a man who has a son (which is reminiscent of her first marriage) Shanna finds herself falling in love with Kevin. She loves his big family despite their tendency to interfere. Growing up an only child herself, she finds great delight in their company and they in return try to convince Kevin to hook up with her.

The story twists when Shanna’s step-son Henry comes to live with her when his father falls ill. Kevin who never knew Shanna had a step-son is devastated and attempts to shut her out. His reaction is not far fetched however as one would find from the story that Kevin has trust issues from the experience of the women who had been in his life, his mum who walked out on them when they were younger(though he never knew the other side of the story) and his late wife who left him with an eleven month old son to serve her country. It takes the intervention of Kevin’s family for Shanna and Kevin to sort out their differences, communicate and finally embrace the love they had come to have for each other.

Harbor Lights was an easy read. The kind of book you would want to take to the beach or just relax with over a cup of tea and biscuits. I found a very insightful statement in the book which I would like to share here. It was stated when Mick proposed to his ex-wife again (You have to read the book to know how that happened!)

“Maybe that was the key to a successful marriage, knowing there’d be many a bump in the road, but believing that, in the end, love was worth it.”

I think love is always worth it, don’t you? I also think romance is worth it and Sherryl Woods serves up a decent plate in Harbor Lights!
Share your thoughts! Do you think romance is worth it?


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