Hi guys! Kemi here! Last week we featured a review of the book Freedom By October written by Adeoye Adetoba. Well, guess what? He also obliged us a short interview earlier in May! This is the first interview feature on the blog so I am really excited to know what you all think. Without further ado, I present to you Adeoye Adetoba.

1.Hi Adeoye! How are you this fine May day?


I’ve always been myself. Trying every day to be at peace with myself.


  1. Tell us what brought you to writing? Or shall I say why did you write this book?


What brought me into writing started out as me being a voracious reader.   I wrote Freedom by October because I have always been intrigued by stories and movies that revolve around investigations, searching for clues and unraveling mysteries in a thought provoking, analytical way.


  1. What informed your choice of the setting and the characters? Did you have to change your mind about some characters at any point of writing the book?


Dearth of investigative stories first, then our society is one filled with questions begging for answers. Mostly financial crimes and corruption; the way huge amounts of money shape-shifts and gets missing, formed parts of the setting and it helped me in creating the characters.


Yes, there were changes in the characters at some point during the writing of the story. That was when the story took itself off my hands and began to evolve. It then espoused on the fact that all humans have their failings. All the characters, both heroes and villains, then evolved into individuals with a particular weakness or the other.

  1. When will the book be published?


Freedom by October has been published online, this May. The paperback publication would be out before October.

  1. Are you set on writing another book soon? Or perhaps a short story collection? Where do you really see your writing in the next 5 years?


The plot for another deeply, plotted, investigative story is already finalized but more attention is shifted now to completing my poetry collection and an uncompleted play I’d left hanging.

I see my writing in the next five years to have improved tremendously, as well as having a unique style to it which would be identified with me even without my name appearing on it.

  1. Do you have the famous writer’s block? Or you have a constant muse that keeps you writing?

I didn’t experience the writer’s block while I was penning the over 400 pages of Freedom by October. Perhaps because the story was busting to be told at all cost.


  1. Writing with a pen or typing? Which is your preference when it comes to your writing?


I prefer typing to writing with a pen, even though the first 100 pages were inked with a pen but once I got access to my personal laptop, typing came so easily and fast to me. Ever since, I don’t pen down words but type directly as the creative spirits leads. Plus, I like the jamming sound of the keys as my fingers stab the keys. It makes me sound serious(Laughs)

  1. Okay, enough about the book. Tell us about yourself? What makes Adeoye tick? Your hobbies? What you do for fun?


I always like to introduce myself as a writer and a poet. My name is Adeoye Adetoba. I reside and work in Lagos presently. I love reading and love to engage in academic discourse of any nature. Watching football is one of my favorite pastimes and I listen to music on-the-go music of any kind.


  1. You said you are also a poet. Where can our readers find your poems?

Some of my poems can be found on Poemhunter and on my Facebook page, but I seldom post online now, instead I read poetry actively at poetry gatherings.

  1. Thank you for granting us this interview Adeoye. Finally, where can readers reach your book?


Freedom by October can be found online on Amazon and Okadabooks for now. The paperback is soon to hit the market.






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