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Bringing you freshly pressed reviews is becoming quite a hobby for me. But I won’t take the credit for this “enchanting” review by Biola Bonuola (an adult) hheheheh. I loved, loved, loved Enid Blyton as a child. I confess I still do. I made a lot of friends in primary school from swapping Enid Blyton story books. Please enjoy this brief but enchanting confession I mean review by Abiola Bonuola

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The Enchanted Woods by Enid Blyton

I remember looking forward to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series, the sense of adventure it gave me was thrilling. Reading the Enchanted Wood for the third time in my life made me feel like a child again believing in fairies and gnomes and giants, yearning that I am given the opportunity to see one myself. Imagining the whispering trees and talking animals sent me on nature walks; staring at flowers as though they could speak to me as well.


Fanny, Beth and Joe must have had the time of their lives. Imagine climbing a tree that grows all sorts of fruits, inhabited by strange characters that make you laugh in total abandon and then getting to the very top of the tree to meet a strange land which may move before they make it back out of the land to the top of the Faraway Tree! That is one adventure I don’t mind going on as an adult.

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It really teaches one about life’s expectancy and how we should continue to see the bad and the good as we live out our adventures.

Despite the numerous realism controversies surrounding Enid Blyton’s books, it will not stop being a favorite for me. I don’t know what draws me to her books; may be the magical creatures, the idea of ethics for children and adults or the funny names that were given to the characters like Dame Washalot, The Angry Pixie and Mr Watzisname.

enchanted wood 4.jpg

The children were curious, honest and open and the creatures acted as though they were adult humans. My most magic moment was when the children got to meet Santa Claus and he decided he wanted to go down Moon Face’s slip.

This book definitely catches the reader’s attention no matter what any critic says. It’s grammatical correctness is perfect for any child learning to read and it will help adults dare to dream.

In my opinion, one should read more of Enid Blyton’s books to keep the spirit and mind going.  I hope you enjoy it.

Abiola Bonuola



Who read Enid Blyton as a child? “fess up and let’s compare notes!



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