Review of the  book GIFTED HANDS by Ben Carson-

Reviewer/Reader Abiola Bonuola says;gifted

Watching Ben Carson’s movie, Gifted Hands on a CD was great, naturally I wanted to read the book. The drama in the movie was inspiring. As a part of my work-fun, I chose the book for my office to read.

I was very excited. I was going to read the Gifted Hands dum dum dum dum… I started the book.

When I got to the third chapter, I started getting bored. As much as I love inspirational books, I find it hard finishing them. I must confess I had to force myself to finish reading the Gifted Hands. I should have guessed it was inspirational; after all it was a story about someone’s life.

It became my in-traffic go-to book. It was great for my mind. It helped me stick to being positive however, I would have preferred less medical terms. Really, all I wanted to get from the book was the vibe of the miracle; the separation of the Siamese twins conjoined at the head.

Ben Carson on the other hand is a pleasant dream to the world especially to me, the Nigerian. I like Doctors who care. They make it easy for those of us who have to convince ourselves that Doctors are good when we have to see them for one medical issue or the other. The thought of the needle is a constant dread and taking pills has not been my favorite past time.

Ok enough about me, back to the book.  I recommend this book for anyone going through something and not going through anything at all.

Sonya, his mother was and is a force to reckon with. It’s unfortunate her cartoon character is yet to be created. I also loved the religious and matter of fact way he talked about his experiences.

I understood how Ben Carson looked up to his brother, Curtis. I do that too. The last chapter was purely expressing his passion for the care of others which is what the Gifted Hands is.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Now I wish to do something I learnt from a fellow poet. I will grade this book 7/10.

Abiola Bonuola




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