Hallo  Darling Readers!

Kemi here. I am not really sure what my problem is! I have been annoyingly lazy and lacking in creativity. I finally finished reading Anne of Green Gables but alas it’s incredibly difficult for me to put fingers to keyboard and just tap out my impressions about the beautiful classic tale. I do apologize.

However, while my lazy mind is still getting itself together I have this energetic and powerful poem/spoken word from a multi talented young lady to share with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (I wish I could write like that) she’s such an amazing creator of everything good. Her poem is so profound, sad and regretfully short! Can we get an encore? I see so much in this poem…black lives taken recklessly, I see history, I feel the pain, the gore, the misery of the tree…take a look at Dayo’s poem. What do you see?


In my 100 years…

A Slam Piece by Dayo Adeoye

In my 100 years, I’ve seen

the tribe that had once planted me

Become a dying minority

They called me strength, they called me god

I flourished in ancestral love

But all that’s left is just a trail of tears

In my 100 years, I’ve been

a haven for the branded men

The step after the waded waters

The symbol of free sons and daughters

Let me absorb the pain you see

Like I do the sun

In my 100 years,

I’ve failed to clean

The man dangled up under me

Have you ever seen scorched hair and flesh?

Or a father with rope round his neck?

I have.

In my 100 years,

I’ve cried

Regretful that I still stand high

I documented live

the day they died….


…..You’ll never understand the grief of me

Me being a tree.





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