One word describes this book for me: wonderful. If I were to describe further I would say it was a very fascinating read. It wasn’t just the incredible telling of the story or the matter of fact way with which each tale was told, it was the humor, the horror and the imperfection of humans so utterly exposed that got me reading to the very last page.


There are twenty three tales in all each one is told differently with very shocking endings at times and predictable ones at other times. It is a book written with wisdom and knowledge of the flaws hidden beneath every human garment. The genius of Isabel Allende is in the mysterious and fantastic telling of the stories weaving each one with incredulous events. On the surface, it appears that the writer gives her reader a thoroughly unbelievable story but if you look beneath the fantasy you will find the ageless lessons embedded therein.

The stories of Eva Luna are magical and sweet then sad and real. Powerful imagery drips from the pages of the book. Figures of speech are used effortlessly such that the stories are vibrantly brought to life. A rich vocabulary is utilized to express emotions and thoughts effortlessly.

I truly desire to share a few lines from the book for your reading appreciation. This one is from the story “Simple Maria”:

“On her wedding night, she watched a trembling man walk towards her, his flannel bathrobe flapping, with something unanticipated below his navel. Surprise brought on a state of constipation she was too inhibited to discuss, and when she began to swell up like a balloon she drank a whole bottle of Agua de la Margarita…soon she could not button her clothing and, in due time, she gave birth to a blond baby boy”.

And this one from the story “Phantom Palace”:

“One night he unintentionally fell asleep in her arms. He awoke in the early morning, terrified, with the clear sensation of having betrayed himself. He sprang out of bed, sweating, his heart galloping and observed Marcia lying there, a white odalisque in repose, her copper hair spilling across her face…he understood that she represented his most dangerous weakness, that she was the only person who could make him forget his power.”

I haven’t read any book like this before perhaps that is why it was so striking but I have only one regret, that the book ended so quickly.

Have you read this book? Or any other books by Isabel Allende? Leave your comments below.


Kemi Bonuola


2 thoughts on “THE STORIES OF EVA LUNA

  1. A truly fantastic- in the true sense of the word- and fascinating read. i have also read her major book- house of the spirits; island under the sea and a memoir about her daughter.


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