I wasn’t committed to finishing Mr. Commitment.

Here’s the reluctant reviewer ( Kemi Bonuola) with a review of a book that casually walked past her uninterested eyes. I don’t know what is wrong with me I sincerely wanted to like Mr. Commitment by Mike Gayle but as much as I tried the book just didn’t do it for me. Perhaps it’s because the story was simple (in which case I would wonder if I prefer very complicated story lines) and predictable or was it the fact that the protagonist was a male character? (Would that mean that I do not enjoy books with male characters as the lead character?)



Mr. Commitment is a story about a young man who has been dating a lady for four years but never thought of marrying her until she takes the bold but painful step to leave him. He feels things are fine the way they are and doesn’t want to spoil their relationship. Of course the lady feels otherwise and breaks off the relationship (even though he had initially proposed grudgingly and bought her a ring a move that she sees through because his fear of commitment is obvious). His realization that he really does need her and no one else is what brings the story to a predictable end.

As I struggled to get to the last page of this book (which I thought would be quite the “bloke lit”) I questioned my taste in books and concluded that I cannot like all the books I read. It was well written no doubt but there was no spice and nothing fascinating happened in there. It was a good story…basic if you ask me, good descriptions and a very well expected ending. The writer did try with a twist in the story here and there but on the whole it was just okay. I will be happy to give the book away to anyone who’s willing to take a dive.


Have you read this book? Ever heard of it? Liked it? Leave your comments below!


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