Of books and their magic.

It took me a long time to observe that I always behave differently when I am reading a book. If I am reading a fiction set in the 16th century I find myself speaking like the characters in that book!

In my mind the characters are so alive that it takes a while before they leave me; sometimes they don’t leave at all. Anne of Green Gables is still very present in my mind and her delight at nature and its ways is a reminder of who I was as a child (who I still am as an adult). While reading Night by Elie Wiesel (the review will be up on Friday) I was in a very sad mood; I found myself grappling with the intense thought that a human being like me had to live through such terror.

With Saving Grace and A fault in our stars reviewed here I READ SAVING GRACE AND I LOVED IT and here I CAN’T FAULT THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, I chastised Grace in my thoughts and cheered her on when she made the right decisions while I empathized with Hazel Grace yet fell in love with her love life. I think the reason why I will always be a reader is that I seek that magic hidden in the pages of each book; I find pleasure in soaking in the story so carefully thought out by the writer sometimes I find words that help me  grow as a person at other times I just feel like skipping along happily with glee.




This week I am starting off my reading with Corrie Ten Boom’s account of the Holocaust in The Hiding Place. What are you reading this week?


Will you always be a reader? Leave your comments below

Kemi Bonuola






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