What happened to the pages?!

I am sure that most readers can relate to this experience; I get very upset with people who return the book I lend them with all sorts of stains, marks or even ripped pages! You know the shock you get when someone scratches your car or leaves a dent on it? That’s how I feel when my book returns looking worn out. I am like what happened here? And the person is like “my baby ripped out the pages”!

“He what?”


I make sure to take good care of the books I borrow so why won’t others do same for my books? I think it’s just unfair to return a book to someone with a torn cover page or with oil stains buried deep on page 42. “I didn’t realize it had torn off”, the guilty party would say and I am like really?

you dont

It would be really nice to have my book back the way it was given out! Don’t you get it? I guess not. I think it is only courteous to return a book in the best state possible (wear and tear excepted) and if you have somehow done damage to the book be kind enough to tell me before you return it.

Anyway, I don’t have a review for this week but this is something that bothers me to no end so I thought to rant about it here.

Do you return books to the library or to the owner in a bad shape?



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