Yours are the tears that were never recorded

The cries that got swallowed in corridors of patriarchy

I salute your courage

The strength of a thousand wills could not shake you

You deep rooted tree of nurturing goodness

Silent fulfilling fiery foundation of hope

You steered the ship and landed us safely

On the shore of adulthood

Did you have to?

You signed off on your life


You bore the lashes of tongues

You mortgaged your dreams

For the safety of our stability

You stayed

Today, I validate your sacrifices

Strength mustered in the face of aggression

Through the baptism of fire

You stood firm

Woman of sustenance

Woman of substance

Woman of subsisting Strength

To mothers that walked this path

Let tears of joy and pain

Slide down your withered faces

To all mothers who never left

This is for you

We see you

We don’t judge you

This is from daughters that watched you walk

Teach us to walk away

When the fire is blazing


October 2018

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