Hello faithful followers! I have been on WordPress for three years! Whoop! Whoop!  If you are still here, let me just say that I appreciate your commitment to this blog. I have not done a lot of  book reviews this year but I try to augment with my poems. I hope you enjoy this one:


I know what it is
What it is for your heart
What it is for your heart to break
I know
I know the grief that brings

The grief that brings no relief
Relieved of joy
You stare at vacant spaces in the
Hollow recesses of your gouged out heart

I know the pain that goes against the brain
That drains
And strains through hands like rice water through a sieve
This pain is straining
It is draining

Taking energies away
And leaving an empty hollow husk of heart

When hearts break
They do not make a sickening sound like
Bones breaking
They surrender
They take forlornness and wear it like a coat
They substitute that distinct uplifting soar
That comes with what humans call love
And adorn a cloak of grief
The type of grief that speaks
The grief that weighs
The grief that clings to the heart
Like a little child clings to a mother’s hand
The grief that doesn’t let go

I know what it is
For a heart
A heart that breaks
A heart that’s breaking
A heart that’s broken
It leaves silence in its wake
And silence in this heart
Is not golden.

October 26 2018


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