Sometime in September one of the booklovers I follow on instagram @eclectictope sent me a cute little book with warm regards and best wishes. I have never experienced such a random act of kindness expressed in the thoughtfulness of procuring a book for a follower. You must know that I was truly touched by her kind gesture.

The book she sent to me gave me pleasure in small ripples. It was a book by Philippe Delerm pleasantly titled “The Small Pleasures of Life, The French Art of Living a Good Life”.

The book, small as it was is divided into thirty four little chapters of what the writer considers the small pleasures of life. I found each chapter delightful not because I have had the opportunity to enjoy all those pleasures described but because of the simplicity in the description and the sheer elegance with which the writer lays out the words used. For example this excerpt from a chapter titled ‘Reading on the Beach”

“…reading becomes a melancholic experience, at once superficial and profound –almost adolescent. You can’t read on the beach without adopting this series of contortions, without reconciling yourself to these various attempts and failures, these irrational urges. You feel as if you’re reading with your whole body”.

Or this one from a chapter titled ‘Sunday Evening’:

“…your thoughts drift,sometimes right back to childhood – hazy memories of counting each step onwalks spent worrying about school and longing for romance. You feel overwhelmed. The upheaval in your soul is as strong as summer rain, washing across you in familiar waves of joy and sorrow – this is what Sunday evening is all about. Every Sunday evening you’ve experienced fixed inside this bubble. Like photographs developed in bathwater”.

I threw myself into the pleasures described in the little book and thought of the small pleasures that I have also come to know and enjoy in my life. Some of the small pleasures of life for me include:

  1. Reading a good book in bed on a rainy day
  2. The smell of freshly laundered clothes
  3. The delicious aroma of fried plantain and the taste thereafter
  4. A well-made meat pie
  5. The clouds in the sky and the shapes they form
  6. The incredibly warm feeling that overcomes me when I carry a baby
  7. Waking up languorously on a Saturday morning knowing I don’t have to get up right away
  8. Sundays

These small pleasures remind me in those moments that life can be fun. So as I bob along on the oceans of life, whether it’s an ebb or a flow I hold on knowing that in a small moment in time, pleasure awaits.

Do you have any small pleasures? Share in the comment section! Thanks for reading.



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