In this realm

Of mental slavery


Where minds are still held captive by

The chains of patriarchy

Freedom will stretch its hands

In piety

But no man will take it

Because it serves them well

To be considered gods

When justice requests for equality

It is not a demand for sameness

But a cry for regard

Even the educated subscribe to the

Relegation of her rights

A dismissal of her rightness

Her perfectness in who

She is and can be

Freedom will peer into their souls

But no man will be stirred

Because it serves them well

To be considered gods

So surrounded by these fearful beings

Them prideful ones

She becomes subjugated

Pushed to the wall of

Society’s naiveté

And acceptance of archaic norms

She succumbs to the lies of patriarchy

Seven times seven times she forgives

His godfulness

Mercy will throw a line

But she will ignore it

Because it serves her well

To be considered crowned

In this realm

Success will drag its feet

Progress will hide its face

Because woman is not

Elevated to that place

That rightful place

Where her essence is


Her rights justified

Then glory will turn its back

Because society rejects

The gift of her




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