In the beginning


When love meant you could lay down your life for your other

We were the dream

Your dream

of the ideal and good


Life was early morning walks to the stream

For a refreshing bath in unpolluted waters

Life was standing back with sweat dripping down your back

As you gazed upon the farmlands

Life was predictable

You knew

That once the sun went to sleep

Your wife would gather the children under the wide spread arms of the baobab tree for tales of old

Ancient tales of times when the clouds were close to the earth

And animals talked

Then the moon was bigger and you could see the man in the moon

With your own eyes

We lived like gods

We were gods

gods of the earth

and we protected our own


we banished anyone who fell a tree without good reason

we were gods

good ones

we nurtured the land

we fed the land with the beauty of ourselves

we flourished and so did our land

then we knew that one evil thought would take root

faster than a cheetah can run

so we had no idle time to spare

we kept busy

evil found no place to take

it found no fool

we were hardy

we were gods


we spoke the language of the wind, the trees and the waters

we were one with them

then we only killed what we needed for meat

we were gods

and we were blessed


then one of us

A fool!

He took in a strange woman

A woman with eyes that danced

She it was

Who brought the fall

Our fall

It came swiftly


She brought discord on the wings of her words

Soon we were at war with ourselves

Now everyone is taken

except me

This is where my story begins

The story of the last god standing



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