For you sire
I declare that my love for you is not undying
It is becoming
It is you who ignited the fires of my heart to glow once again
You are to me like soft rain caressing the dead to wake
You see me and you are not afraid
You know me yet you stand besides
I have made my bed of roses that I may lie with you
But you say wait a while my love
Till our hearts have been bound
So I’ll wait that my love for you may come
Full circle


To you sire
I declare that your words remind me of one I used to know
You remind me of what burning passion feels like
How it grips and bubbles beneath
Awaiting a single touch
But to love you is forbidden
To love you is to break the heart of another
To desire you is to wreck havoc
I know you feel it too but so noble are you
You will not follow the path of destruction
Let us keep this secret of our longings
Bury this passion and keep our hearts restrained
For a man who cannot keep away from temptation is weak
So for you I will be strong and that will be enough


In you sire
I see love so mature
It is in the way you speak and act
Lead and right
I am in awe of you
Your gentleness surpasses my mother’s
Your sweetness like the nectar of the flowers in the field
You are to me like history
Wisdom bows when you enter
You have lived and loved
Lost and won
Victory over vanities
You have lived
To love you is to love wondrously
To be with you is surprising
I cannot have you
Let me read you a sonnet
Tell you of how beautiful are the ways
Of love and loving
I’ll render my love in the service of my presence
When I smile at you and listen to tales of old

June 2019

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