All the light I cannot see
Is dead in you
Because you have no light
All that’s within is a dark hollow void
You are dark

Your tongue is forked
And when you open your mouth
You spit Poison
The poison you have fed me copiously
So that I may lie pliant before your throne of deceit or bow in acknowledgment of your sick mind

You are a disease that crawls inside the heart
Especially hearts that beat in pure steady overflowing beauty
You corrode like water on metal
On the surface you lie
Still like there’s nothing beneath you
Your eyes are warm enough to pass across sincerity
But you lie in the web of your lies and lie

You are drowning in a sea of lies and
You want to drag me down with you
You were undoing the thread
A long unwinding thread of connected threads
That would lead me right back to you
I wanted to cut those threads
So I lay with you so I could find where the thread began
Alas I could not find the first lie

Because your path is not lighted
I cannot see my way back to me
I’ll find it
I am a child of light

You saw the light in me and vowed to snuff it out
But you forgot that where there is light
Darkness cannot win
Shame on you
For trying

Bending to your Will was easy
Because you have a gift
A gift of persuasion
A gift you should use for blessings
Now you have gone to wake up the curses in Pandora’s box
Even you cannot remember when you started to wake up the dead
Because you lie
And your memory does not serve you well

I am standing on a hill
And looking towards that place
Where my Help comes
My Help is shining all the light that I can see on me
So that my path will be lit and your lies will wither
Your lies will burn in the intensity of the light shone on them
They cannot live

You made mockery of love
You pretended to know love
You said love,
The type you peddle
Is unconditional
You lie
Nobody is able to love like that

Cause if you knew love
Then you would know that love
Does not lie
Love is light
And light illuminates and keeps you warm
Especially in the cold brutal presence of the world

When you open your mouth
Do you not see the serpent descend ?

If you do not know what you have sown
Let me tell you

You have planted a seed of deception
And it has grown seven times seven times seven
Now you have a farm
And you will reap a harvest
Your harvest will be plentiful
Nature is perfect and does not lie
Your lies will make a way for you now
But when it matters the wilderness will not budge
You cannot pass through except you face your lies and

Get away from me
You vermin

I feel sorry for you
Get help

You need help
His Help
Cause when your head touched the ground five times in twenty four hours
You forgot to ask for help

Or perhaps when you are muttering
In that tongue
You are asking for forgiveness
I do not know
I know nothing
Because you are a phantom

Phantom lover
Soul less liar

When I am done purging myself of all the poison you fed me
I’ll be whole again
But you ?

Kemi bon

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