I’ll rather take the
Pockets of joy
That your presence can afford
Than the heaviness of your absence

That you belong to another is the most weighty thought that I have to bear

To think That I once had you in my arms
Sears me through and through

To love you is to walk on the softest and pinkest of clouds
Those pink clouds of the morning
That herald the newness of the day

When I walk beside you
I take
Light steps
Bright steps
Happy ones

To love you so helplessly from the sidelines is my only chance at joy full ness in this moment

I have no right to frown when you speak fondly of her
I see how willing you are to be with her
To accommodate this friendship so wholesomely with the fluidity of a mature mind

Midnight conversations
Vulnerable moments
Real tears
You share in them all
In those moments I wonder

Does he still burn
For me like he did a decade ago?
Can he still pant after me?
Does he see beyond the subtle rejection on the stairs
When I told him off because
See, I was young and proud
And he was on the streets
Hustling for his future
And no time was spared for me so
I left…

Do I suffer now for that age of foolishness?

I am in awe of the depth of my love for you
Still so energetically drawn to you
I am
Naturally me with you
And you
Do you see it?

This effortlessness that is
This ease that people see
This power filled attraction
That palpable stillness between us
That propels the question
When will it be?
Your union…when

We don’t only look good together
We are good together
Existing in your space is to call comfort by name

Alas It is not to be
This is not a love lorn story
This is love besides
Love because
And love in spite

That is how I can describe it
When I am with you
I feel no pain
My heart
It sails because you are the wind beneath

So I am lifted when I am with you
Such light headed joy
Oh!A fleeting pleasure
But pleasure still

I desire you
The morning desires the sun
Like the night reaches for the moon

I long for you
For what you could be for me
What we could be to each other
A gleeful playmate
An agreeable partner

A walk with you…is too much to ask for?

You aren’t mine
I burn for you


I’ll rather take the
Pockets of joy
That your presence can afford
Than the heaviness of your absence


3 thoughts on “WEIGHTLESSNESS

  1. Nicely written.
    It calls to mind a recent experience and with it the reminder that the conclusions we reach sometimes and hold on to with certainty are but reactions based on our perceptions, personality, and experience.

    Let us be propitious to Love and decide that it rights all wrongs and wins in the end – so we will have more than Pockets of Joy.

    Liked by 1 person

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