Second Class Citizen taught Abiola Bonuola some life lessons

I know it’s been a while, I’ve just been super busy with my blog , school and work so please forgive me as my amazing sister, Kemi Bonuola has forgiven me for not contributing for so long. My office book club got me reading Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta and I read it … More Second Class Citizen taught Abiola Bonuola some life lessons

Through Chimamanda Adichie I saw a side of the rising sun

I shivered, cried, stared into blank space, laughed out loud, closed my eyes in embarrassment, thought hard about life, wrote interesting pieces just because of Chimamanda Adichie’s Half Of A Yellow Sun. I had read another book by her, The Thing Around Your Neck which my lovely sister, Kemi reviewed here but I did not expect what … More Through Chimamanda Adichie I saw a side of the rising sun


The beauty of the story is the way the author uses alternating voices in her narration so every main character has a voice. Delia’s father Andrew is an interesting character, very flawed but consistent in his love for his daughter. The ending was quite predictable with Andrew getting acquitted and Delia leaving Eric but at the end of the book (which I didn’t race through the way I did her other books) I was satisfied with the outcome. … More VANISHING ACTS BY JODI PICOULT


Juan Vargas drives Lutie, Fate and Draco to his family in Oklahoma. We are soon to find out that Juan grew up with a circus. As he explains to Fate, the circus is like a tribe. It is in this family, this closely knitted tribe that Lutie finds healing for her body as well as her soul. … More MADE IN THE USA


Kabria who happens to be my favorite character is a woman that understands her environment and she uses it to get what she needs. She knows that although life may throw you stones, you can clean your wounds and move on to achieving your aims. She is a typical Mother Hen, (Mother Hubbard in my books) that is always available to assist and guide you. … More FACELESS BY AMMA DARKO