All the light I cannot see
Is dead in you
Because you have no light
All that’s within is a dark hollow void
You are dark

Your tongue is forked
And when you open your mouth
You spit Poison
The poison you have fed me copiously
So that I may lie pliant before your throne of deceit or bow in acknowledgment of your sick mind

You are a disease that crawls inside the heart
Especially hearts that beat in pure steady overflowing beauty
You corrode like water on metal
On the surface you lie
Still like there’s nothing beneath you
Your eyes are warm enough to pass across sincerity
But you lie in the web of your lies and lie

You are drowning in a sea of lies and
You want to drag me down with you
You were undoing the thread
A long unwinding thread of connected threads
That would lead me right back to you
I wanted to cut those threads
So I lay with you so I could find where the thread began
Alas I could not find the first lie

Because your path is not lighted
I cannot see my way back to me
I’ll find it
I am a child of light

You saw the light in me and vowed to snuff it out
But you forgot that where there is light
Darkness cannot win
Shame on you
For trying

Bending to your Will was easy
Because you have a gift
A gift of persuasion
A gift you should use for blessings
Now you have gone to wake up the curses in Pandora’s box
Even you cannot remember when you started to wake up the dead
Because you lie
And your memory does not serve you well

I am standing on a hill
And looking towards that place
Where my Help comes
My Help is shining all the light that I can see on me
So that my path will be lit and your lies will wither
Your lies will burn in the intensity of the light shone on them
They cannot live

You made mockery of love
You pretended to know love
You said love,
The type you peddle
Is unconditional
You lie
Nobody is able to love like that

Cause if you knew love
Then you would know that love
Does not lie
Love is light
And light illuminates and keeps you warm
Especially in the cold brutal presence of the world

When you open your mouth
Do you not see the serpent descend ?

If you do not know what you have sown
Let me tell you

You have planted a seed of deception
And it has grown seven times seven times seven
Now you have a farm
And you will reap a harvest
Your harvest will be plentiful
Nature is perfect and does not lie
Your lies will make a way for you now
But when it matters the wilderness will not budge
You cannot pass through except you face your lies and

Get away from me
You vermin

I feel sorry for you
Get help

You need help
His Help
Cause when your head touched the ground five times in twenty four hours
You forgot to ask for help

Or perhaps when you are muttering
In that tongue
You are asking for forgiveness
I do not know
I know nothing
Because you are a phantom

Phantom lover
Soul less liar

When I am done purging myself of all the poison you fed me
I’ll be whole again
But you ?

Kemi bon


After the heavy rains
Showers followed
As the earth received the blessed drops
A little bird flew
And landed in my backyard
With a red beak
And blue flecked feathers
She because I felt it
Her gentle taps on the concrete as she searched for food
Indeed He provides for the birds of the sky
She took cautious steps around
Tapping here and there
Picking up seeds or grains of food
Her steps were guided
Her head bobbed up and down
I gazed at her in wonder from my window
Casting wishes like a net
Drawing her near
She hopped closer and closer
On to my first step
And then the next
She fluffed her feathers and
Hopped away
She took flight and without a backward glance
Later I find the gift she left behind
A perfect feather
And just like that the troubles of the earth fall away

Kemibon 1.35pm
26th April 2020


When will we meet again dear one
When the birds of prey have come out to play?
When the earth is scorched and dry like the desert?
When the skies are grey and gloom hangs from every floating cloud ?
When mothers weep for the hunger in their children’s bellies?
When fathers come home in despair
Emptied of hope and every kobo?
When the songs of Solomon stirs not a single soul?
When prophets hide their faces in shame
As their followers seek for revelations?
When doing good becomes a fairy tale?
And bad deeds only prevail?
When faith is questioned and tossed ?
And weary eyes seek for daily bread?
When hearts quicken each night for fear of what the daylight will bring?
When shall we meet again dear one ?
When time reveals?
When time decides?
And not a moment sooner?
Then shall we embrace at heavens gates?
Or would we have been swept away by the tides of our very own fate?

April 26th 2020


How a song can bring up long buried memories:

The sweet smell of roses

Presented as petals, scattered on a well laid bed

rich, red petals

A sacrifice, an offering to love and lover

How a song can pull at a heart in solitude:

Spraying the scent of love

So intense you want to choke on remembered declarations

Intoxicating like the smell of roses, like love

How a song can mess with time induced peace:

Ripping off the carefully placed bandage

So that blood appears and pain alongside

Like a finger pricked by a rose’s thorny stem

How a song can unfurl feelings long put aside:

Awakening lost dreams

Like a moss rose awakens with dawn’s kiss


forgotten dreams of walking life’s path together descend

The result? Panic.

How a song can reveal that:

You are still healing

Still a crushed rose

Once beautifully in love

Once in bloom

Now crumpled


And gasping for the scent of love




For you sire
I declare that my love for you is not undying
It is becoming
It is you who ignited the fires of my heart to glow once again
You are to me like soft rain caressing the dead to wake
You see me and you are not afraid
You know me yet you stand besides
I have made my bed of roses that I may lie with you
But you say wait a while my love
Till our hearts have been bound
So I’ll wait that my love for you may come
Full circle


To you sire
I declare that your words remind me of one I used to know
You remind me of what burning passion feels like
How it grips and bubbles beneath
Awaiting a single touch
But to love you is forbidden
To love you is to break the heart of another
To desire you is to wreck havoc
I know you feel it too but so noble are you
You will not follow the path of destruction
Let us keep this secret of our longings
Bury this passion and keep our hearts restrained
For a man who cannot keep away from temptation is weak
So for you I will be strong and that will be enough


In you sire
I see love so mature
It is in the way you speak and act
Lead and right
I am in awe of you
Your gentleness surpasses my mother’s
Your sweetness like the nectar of the flowers in the field
You are to me like history
Wisdom bows when you enter
You have lived and loved
Lost and won
Victory over vanities
You have lived
To love you is to love wondrously
To be with you is surprising
I cannot have you
Let me read you a sonnet
Tell you of how beautiful are the ways
Of love and loving
I’ll render my love in the service of my presence
When I smile at you and listen to tales of old

June 2019


This is me

Wanting you

Wanting to jump into your arms

Like a cat

I want to move in delightful circles

Until I find a comfortable spot

Where I’ll stay in peaceful contentment

This is me

Wishing for you to be old

Wishing that I was younger so it would make sense

This is me

Falling for you

Falling like fools do

This is me


Counting the days

Till I see you again

So we can sit in the far left corner of my beige couch

And talk

Talking is easy with you

So I count

The days

This is me


Not at stars

But at your perfectly shaped

Red lips


When you hide a smile

After that sweet sounding laughter

This is me


Wondering how incredibly beautiful it is(would be)

To love you



Meet me at the river 

Meet me at the river
Where the azure of the sky is reflected in the face of the waters

Meet me at the river
Where the trees stand close
Bowing their heads in the wind
Whispering like best friends at a wedding ceremony 
Exchanging notes on the beauty of the bride

Meet me at the river
That flows through our fertile land
Meet me where the river forks
And bids farewell to all who seek its blessing

Meet me at the river 
Where lovers gaze into eyes that swim with adoration 

Meet me at the river
Dear one
That we may render promises 
Of forever to our heart’s content

Meet me at the river
Where maidens bathe at midnight
Beseeching the gods for fertility and lasting love

Meet me at the river
My darling 

Meet me where the footsteps fade into the soft Sand at the shore
Where children love to play and dance to the sounds of the night
Who walk fearlessly towards the waters with majestic steps
Longing for the warmth of the river long heated by the rays of the sun 

Meet me at the river
That we may hold hands
Stare into the pale milky fullness of the moon
And tell tales of our first meeting 

Meet me at the river
Meet me at the river
Meet me at the river 
that love may put us to sleep in it’s sweet embrace.

Kemi bon


In the beginning


When love meant you could lay down your life for your other

We were the dream

Your dream

of the ideal and good


Life was early morning walks to the stream

For a refreshing bath in unpolluted waters

Life was standing back with sweat dripping down your back

As you gazed upon the farmlands

Life was predictable

You knew

That once the sun went to sleep

Your wife would gather the children under the wide spread arms of the baobab tree for tales of old

Ancient tales of times when the clouds were close to the earth

And animals talked

Then the moon was bigger and you could see the man in the moon

With your own eyes

We lived like gods

We were gods

gods of the earth

and we protected our own


we banished anyone who fell a tree without good reason

we were gods

good ones

we nurtured the land

we fed the land with the beauty of ourselves

we flourished and so did our land

then we knew that one evil thought would take root

faster than a cheetah can run

so we had no idle time to spare

we kept busy

evil found no place to take

it found no fool

we were hardy

we were gods


we spoke the language of the wind, the trees and the waters

we were one with them

then we only killed what we needed for meat

we were gods

and we were blessed


then one of us

A fool!

He took in a strange woman

A woman with eyes that danced

She it was

Who brought the fall

Our fall

It came swiftly


She brought discord on the wings of her words

Soon we were at war with ourselves

Now everyone is taken

except me

This is where my story begins

The story of the last god standing



In this realm

Of mental slavery


Where minds are still held captive by

The chains of patriarchy

Freedom will stretch its hands

In piety

But no man will take it

Because it serves them well

To be considered gods

When justice requests for equality

It is not a demand for sameness

But a cry for regard

Even the educated subscribe to the

Relegation of her rights

A dismissal of her rightness

Her perfectness in who

She is and can be

Freedom will peer into their souls

But no man will be stirred

Because it serves them well

To be considered gods

So surrounded by these fearful beings

Them prideful ones

She becomes subjugated

Pushed to the wall of

Society’s naiveté

And acceptance of archaic norms

She succumbs to the lies of patriarchy

Seven times seven times she forgives

His godfulness

Mercy will throw a line

But she will ignore it

Because it serves her well

To be considered crowned

In this realm

Success will drag its feet

Progress will hide its face

Because woman is not

Elevated to that place

That rightful place

Where her essence is


Her rights justified

Then glory will turn its back

Because society rejects

The gift of her




I always crumble in tears
When you don’t understand me
I thought liking someone, loving someone
Brings understanding along with
Doesn’t love come with a manual on the person you want to love?
You don’t understand me
Yet you want to love me
I’m trying to teach you my language
The language of my heart
This scarred heart
So that you can cradle it in your hands
And whisper soothing musical none sense
Just when I need it
I don’t know how to do this
If you won’t learn
How will we two walk together ?
Or am I the one who fails to teach you right?
Isn’t there magic in loving me
That leads you right to the right words
To smooth away my worries and fears?
Isn’t there some thread
That you can follow to find a way to loving me right ?
I am hurting
And you don’t have the words
I’ll crawl into my space
That space in my head that’s now so familiar
I’ll find healing there
‘Cause what you seem to be saying with your silence is this:
Nobody can heal your heart like you can