Elie Wiesel’s haunting account in Night brought to the fore the depth of cruelty and callousness of man to his fellowman. This is no ordinary account;  it is the harsh, unbelievable terror that was unleashed in the 1930’s and into the 1940’s. Perhaps what is most daunting for the reader is the reality … More Night

The God of Small Things was an unforgettable read

Arundhati expressed a very uncanny ability to describe disgusting, irritating and natural happenings with ease. The reader will feel, smell and almost taste what is being described. It’s such a beautiful experience to have just from reading a book. The author embraces the little details with aplomb she engages words that create pictures so vividly that smack you right in the imagination … More The God of Small Things was an unforgettable read


I came across the use of Hobson’s choice a phrase I learnt about three years ago and I realized I have never used it in a conversation. It made me wonder if I really remember the things I learn in adulthood (enough to utilize it) or I just bask in the faux knowledge that I am getting wiser with age. It was a bit of a reflective moment for me when I came across that phrase again. … More I READ SAVING GRACE AND I LOVED IT


I believe the most beautiful thing about Memory Wall is the author’s ability to draw the reader’s attention to something so important yet not often regarded. Also his attention to detail expressed in his description of everything is highly commendable because It adds to the powerful narration of each story. … More MEMORY WALL