Hello faithful followers! I have been on WordPress for three years! Whoop! Whoop!  If you are still here, let me just say that I appreciate your commitment to this blog. I have not done a lot of  book reviews this year but I try to augment with my poems. I hope you enjoy this one: … More I KNOW WHAT IT IS


Sail away away from the troubles of this world sail away away from the spaces between cold sheets Sail away away from the allure of old embraces sail far far away and berth at the edge of reason throw down the anchor and find peace in knowing that happiness is locked away only ’cause you … More SAIL AWAY


  The first time he called my name I paused and thought about white chocolate not dark white pure pleasure the way it dissolves in the mouth and releases  exquisite sweetness He called my name and it was suffused with warmth his voice,  like silk smooth serenade   See he called my name And wrapped … More HE CALLED MY NAME